About Us


Where People Heal Naturally

Double Diamond Wellness is a full service center in the heart of the West Side of New York City. We offer Psychotherapy, including EMDR and Sandplay Therapy, Energetic Healing, Neutrality Point Therapy, Business Coaching & Mentoring, as well as many other services. In addition, we host a wide variety of educational workshops and seminars. Our Mission is to assist individuals in achieving optimal physical and emotional health by providing effective, natural methods of treatment, education and empowerment. We help people to expand their awareness, which enables them to shift and open to new possibilities. We are not just about health and healing. We focus on helping our clients to find fulfillment and learn how to thrive in this ever-changing world. Full Conscious Living is our goal for all who come to our center. Our greatest joy is to see people evolve and learn to be whole, aware, centered and empowered in the most authentic manner. We strive to bring together the best of many disciplines here at Double Diamond Wellness, in a soothing yet professional environment.

Why the Name Double Diamond Wellness?

We get asked this all the time: Why do you call your center Double Diamond Wellness? Sounds like a jewelry store or a ski shop or something! Well, it’s a symbolic name. Our center is all about empowering people while we help them to heal, grow, and thrive in their lives. Our belief is that in our core, in our heart of hearts, we are all bright shining diamonds. Sometimes our diamond gets covered over with grime and we lose sight of who we really are. Once we recognize what is happening  and start to clear away the debris, our inner light can shine through and we once again show up in our radiance. We also believe that the human spirit is indomitable, and people are much stronger and more powerful than they know. Diamonds are forged by placing carbon under immense pressure. It is like that with people too. Modern life with its daily challenges is a constant source of stress. We provide support and  leading edge tools that enable people to use the pressure to transform and become their best, most luminous selves. It’s a Double Diamond to symbolize many things: as above, so below; as we reach up to spirit, spirit reaches down to us; as we reach for the stars, we make our world a better place. The diamond is doubled also because there are two founders, Hong Zhang and Sam Liebowitz, who are – in different ways – contributing their light to the service of others. We thank you for coming to our website and finding out more about us. We hope you will contact us and let us know how we might be able to help you shine your own light a little brighter!

How to find us:

330 West 38th Street, Suite 909 
New York, NY 10018

Phone: 212.721.8183
By Public Transportation: Take the 1,2,3, or A, C, E, N, R, Q, W subway to the 42nd Street stop. We are located between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue on the south side of 38th Street.
By Car: Take the West Side Highway to the 40th street exit. Go two blocks south and make a left onto 38th street. We are located on the south side of the street.