Sam Liebowitz

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Business Mentoring, Neutrality Point Therapy, Energetic Field Therapy

Sam Liebowitz

My latest radio show interview: 07/11 – Superb Women Living Consciously with Janet Neal and Laura Rubinstein

As a healer, coach, mentor and speaker, Sam Liebowitz inspires hundreds of people to live healthier & happier lives. He incorporates several healing techniques in his sessions, including : Neutrality Point Therapy, Reiki & Energetic Field Therapy. Sam also brings his business and life experiences to the community through business coaching, mentoring, and Law of Attraction seminars. Mr. Liebowitz has been featured on several TV shows, including the CBS Evening News, Second Sight with Chris George, Speak Up with Sandra Schulte, and Living Life with Liz. Mr. Liebowitz also hosts his own radio program on Talking Alternative Broadcasting called The Conscious Consultant Hour which airs every Friday at 11am eastern time.