Guidance & Community

Root Chakra

Here at Double Diamond Wellness we take a holistic and conscious approach to everything we do, from healing to business. Our goal is not just for our clients to have amazing outcomes, but to create true community among our tribe while providing the most appropriate and empowering guidance we can

We do this through many methods, from our healing and therapy work to our seminars and workshops. We not only have amazing practitioners at our center, but we also bring in speakers and teachers from other places to share their brilliance and their unique perspectives. 

We hope you will join us and come see how we can help you in your career, your business, your personal and spiritual life, and meet other who are on the same path!

Please check out the following services and groups that we run:

Business Mentoring

Benefit from our twenty one years of business experience applied to inspire and guide the budding entrepreneur or motivated professional with our practical, no-nonsense approach.

Law of Attraction Coaching & Group

Both through our individual coaching sessions and through our monthly meetup group, we teach you how to apply the Law of Attraction to your daily life and become a happy, deliberate creator.

Personal & Spiritual Guidance

We help people at all stages of their life to become more conscious individuals, and support them in finding their own unique path in the world in a fully awaken manner.

The New Earth Society Group

The New Earth Society is  group designed to help people recognize that we are the creators of our own world and to understand that if we want to see a more compassionate world exist, it must start with us.

Sacred Gatherings & Events Group

Sacred Gatherings and Events’ mission is to raise the awareness, consciousness, frequency and vibration of people and the planet. It is dedicated to supporting Teachers and Healers connect to their tribe, provide healing and inspiring profound change and growth to the world, and sustain themselves in a truly supportive manner.