Personal & Spiritual Guidance

Root Chakra

We all need help sometimes, whether we are just starting off on a new path or we are in the middle of our life-long journey. This is spiritual coaching session for anyone who needs help. Sam has been on his own spiritual journey for well over 30 years, studying everything from Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Modern and Ancient Mysticism, The Mighty I AM Presence, Tarot, Meditation, Channeling, Energy Healing, and ultimately our connection to the Universal Source.  Having been through his own Dark Night of the Soul, Sam brings a gentleness and compassion to every session, knowing how difficult a Spiritual Path can be. Are you on a spiritual journey and need support and guidance? Do you feel lost and have forgotten how powerful you truly are? Are you looking for someone who will shine a light into the shadows and show you how not only to fulfill your Soul’s Purpose with integrity and authenticity, but with joy and passion as well? In his non-judgmental and open manner, Sam works with each of his clients in a very distinct and personal way, befitting the uniqueness that is inherent in all of us.

Sam Liebowitz

Not just a guide and a facilitator, but a healer as well, Sam integrates both into a contemporary approach that is transformative, intuitive and kindhearted. To book a spiritual coaching session with Sam and see how you can benefit from his unique talents, click here to go to our booking system.