Sacred Feet Healing

Third Eye Chakra

Sacred Feet HealingSacred Feet Healing is a unique tool that can assist you on your path to healing mind, body and spirit. This modality will open and clear blocked channels that begin and end in the feet. In addition this tool will start to educate you on when you are “in your body” and when you are not. It also cultivates greater trust in your own body and it’s inner wisdom. This process has the potential to create greater clarity and better decision-making skills around areas of concern or confusion in your life. This energy healing can serve to re-align structural imbalances as well as clearing mental and emotional debris out of your field.

When you are strongly rooted in your body and connected to the earth your passion and vitality increase allowing greater joy and happiness to be present within and without. It has been known to clear fears and phobias as well as the untying of Karmic knots within the Nadis (energy channels that run throughout the body).

Dr Sherri Greene


In order to create anything in life you need to be grounded in your body and connected to the Earth! Sacred Feet Healing is a light hands on treatment that utilizes sacred points of contact on the feet. This incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating treatment lasts for approximately 45 minutes allowing the integration and flow of energy to take place. Give this gift of healing to yourself now.

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