Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy

Solar Plexus Chakra

Matthew Novak

We are now magnetically deficient. 

When the body is provided the proper environment, healing occurs naturally. However, today we are all magnetically-deficient. We no longer absorb Earth’s pure and life-sustaining magnetic energy because we don’t have enough direct contact from living in hi-rise apartments, to walking on concrete.  In addition, the electromagnetic pollution from cell phones, microwaves and WiFi disrupt the body’s cellular metabolism and cause stagnation at the cellular level.  These factors deplete the cellular energy needed to repair and regenerate damaged tissue.


How does electromagnetic field therapy works? 

All the tissues of your body are made of cells and every function that occurs in your body is due to cellular activity.  A young and healthy cell has a membrane charge of around 70 millivolts.  When the cell membrane begins to lose its charge, the cell loses the energy needed to absorb nutrients and dispose of waste, which in turn prevents healing.  The Pulsed Energy Replenisher uses electrical energy to direct magnetic pulses through injured tissue.  Exposing the cells to pulsed magnetic energy is like charging up a battery.  Under-charged cells gladly absorb the energy, while fully-powered cells allow the energy to pass by.  Once cell membrane potential is re-established, cellular metabolism picks up allowing for deep healing to take place.