What Our Clients Are Saying About Us:

For Hong Zhang

Hong Zhang LCSW

“Before coming for therapy with Hong, it was hard for me to concentrate and retain information because of the anxiety I felt being around people and doing my school work.  With Hong’s help using EMDR therapy, I was able to focus more and worked through my anxiety.  I was more confident and comfortable with myself during the exam, and was able to pass the GED test!”
–Sandra S., Bronx, NY 

For Sam Liebowitz

“I started working with Sam Liebowitz about  3 years ago.  I can honestly say that the work I’ve done with him has really changed me and my life.  I view everything from a different perspective now… this work has opened my eyes and my heart & taught me to love and accept myself in a way that I was never aware of and I owe this to Sam.

Sam is not only a great healer, he is a great teacher!  He has an amazing way of showing you and teaching you a new way to be, to function and see life in a way were your blessings and gifts are part of you and not just something you overlook or take for granted.    Some of his best qualities are  his genuine kindness, caring & insight into you and what you need and how you need to change and grow in a way that is non threatening or scary, he comes from a place of deep love and kindness.  I LOVE working with him, I am so happy and grateful that I met him and through meeting him and working with him my life is more fulfilled & happier.  He is a true healer and a great man. His sessions are a treat and tonic and certainly  one of the best things you can do for yourself, I doesn’t matter what it is, he can guide and help you through anything.”
-Laara R., New York, NY
Major Fan of Sam !!!!

Sam Liebowitz

“Its been a week since I saw Sam and he worked with me on the pain in my feet. Since then, I have not experienced any pain at all! Its amazing! I can wear any shoes I want and am able to walk much longer than I could before. Thank you Sam!”
-Kristin D., New York, NY

“While I am in good physical health, I was experiencing acute on-going pain in different parts of my body. Sam’s training and intuition allowed him to sense emotions and beliefs that were blocking my energy flow and causing me pain. Sam relieved the pain by adjusting the energy in my body, and opened my awareness to these emotions and beliefs. I left feeling great, and now I have a better understanding of my emotional state. Thank you Sam!”
– Lisa L., Manhattan, NY

“I really like Sam and believe he works wonders on someone who is experiencing pain in anyway. I like to learn different techniques so I can practice on my own. I am amazed at how fast he takes away the pain I have been feeling for months in my foot! I feel like I have new feet!”
— Jessica, New York, NY

For Tim Chambers

Tim Chambers L Ac

“I have suffered from chronic back pain for several years and have all but given up any relief. I then turned to Double Diamond Wellness to attempt to get to the root of the pain through acupuncture with Timothy Chambers. After just a few treatments, the pain has almost gone away. I expect to be pain free when I complete my treatments and highly recommend Tim’s skilled method of healing.”
–Cathy C., New York, NY